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Recliner Chair

Our Review: This recliner is very durable and easy to clean. Client feedback contains positive remarks on comfort, style and ease of access to recline backwards. We found that clients experience less discomfort with a recliner verses a massage table.

Massage Table

Our Review: This massage table is easy to set up and transport. Its light weight and adjustable for heights.


Our Review: This floor standing humidifier has adjustable outputs and lasts 24 hours without having to refill. Its quiet so that it doesn't disturb ours clients peaceful relaxation. The timer is awesome to prepare your service room and maintain its levels with auto shut off.

Utility Cart

Our Review: We love this cart! It cleans up easy and is very sleek. The shelves dont have a barrier on one side making it easy to use organizers with drawers.


Our Review: Adjustable stools with backs are perfect for lashing. We found that having a back gives your body a break to stretch and lean back from time to time to limit stress on the body.

Ring Light

Our Review: We have always had a good experience with the Neewer brand. These lights are dimmable and has a holder for taking videos a pictures. As a bonus, the eye looks so cool in pictures with the view of the ring in the eye.

Emergency Eye Wash Station

Our Review: This is something good to have in case of emergencies.

Service Room Must Haves! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Barbicide Disinfectant Jar

Our Review: This barbicide container is perfect for lash tweezers. Once tools are scrubbed, we raise the holder and lower them down into the barbicide easily limiting the possibility of the tips of the tweezers being damaged.

Adhesive Storage Container

Our Review: This adhesive storage container has space for more then one and with the addition of a silica pack keeps the adhesive fresh.

Lash Styling Mirror

Our Review: The size and angle of the mirror we found is perfect to use when styling eyelash extensions. Compared to the round dental mirror, this one is much larger making it easier to see more of the lash line.

Mini Scissors

Our Review: These mini scissors are comfortable to use and easy to clean. They are very sharp so you need to make sure they are being use safely and correctly.

Eyelash Tile

Our Review: This lash tile is a great size and gives room for a full strip to be applied. The weight is enough so that when lifting an extension, the tile does not get lifted with it leading to a perfect extension removal from the adhesive strip.

Jade Stone

Our Review: To maintain a consistent temperature for adhesive we have always been a fan of jade stones. We apply the adhesive stickers right non top and the combination creates the perfect holder for the adhesive.

Spray Bottle

Our Review: These spray bottles are easy to label and allows for you to see how much liquid is inside. They have an adjustable knob and are durable.

1.6 Gallon Trashcan

Our Review: The size of the trash can is a great size for a lash artist. Its made on stainless steel so its easy to clean. The pedal allows for operation without using your hands making it easy for a lash artist to use during the service.

Squeeze Wash Bottle

Our Review: This bottle works great for rinsing the lashes when cleaning. Adjusting your grip will help you to figure out your liquid flow output.

Nail Scrubber

Our Review: Proper Hand Hygiene is important! Nail scrubbers are a necessity and these certainly do the job.

Reading Glasses

Our Review: These are very stylish and great for those who need support to see the extensions more up close for better isolation and placement.

Clip-On Mini Fan

Our Review: This is one of our favorite products! This clip on fan is perfect for after the service and we attach it directly to our led ring light for hands free operation. It needs to be charged, but once charged it will last for day and weeks depending on how much its being used.

Isolating Tweezer
Angled Tweezer

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Curved Tweezer

Our Review: The curved tweezer can be used as an isolation tweezer or can be used best for classic application of eyelash extensions.

Service Room Must Haves! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Eye Pads

Our Review: We love the amount for the price. These are very comfortable on our clients and have always been of great quality.

Micropore Tape

Our Review: This medical tape is the best! The removal of this tape from the clients' skin is always pain free.

Micro Swabs

Our Review: These are individually packaged and are of great quality.

Lip Applicators

Our Review: These are great for cleaning the lashes along with the use of a mascara wand.

Mascara Wands

Our Review: Our clients love the see through effect of these mascara wand sticks. The brushes are always of great quality.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Our Review: We like to pour into a spray bottle for easier use.

Nitrile Gloves

Our Review: These gloves provide great protection and are also latex and powder free.

1.6 Gallon Trash Bags

Our review: These trash bags are a perfect fit for our favorite waste receptacle above. They are also very cost-effective.


Our Review: When it comes to safety and sanitation this is at the top of our list! It does its job and is not damaging to our lash tweezers.

Hand Sanitizer

Our review: This sanitizer does not have an overbearing smell and leaves your hands feeling clean and not excessively dry.

2-Ply Paper Towels

Our Review: The towels fit perfectly into a lot of 2-ply towel dispenser. They are of great quality and we use them for certain services and in our restrooms for clients to dry their hands.

Adhesive Stickers

Our Review: These adhesive stickers are easy to remove from the sheet and the jade stone.

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Nespresso Machine
Nespresso Machine

Our clients love their coffee! Espresso has been a #1 request and we found this machine to be the perfect fit.