Build a Lash Biz is here to educate and motivate you in the World of Eyelash Extensions. Each lesson has been created by a professional in the industry that continues to have great success in their business(s). Whether you want to own a business or become a top performing lash technician we have courses for you! You'll get to bypass all the common mistakes made in the industry and be introduced to strategies with proven results. As a student, you'll have the opportunity to build your skills as a lash technician as well as create, run and maintain a successful lash business. Some courses give you lifetime access once purchased and are continuously updated with any new industry information. Each purchase of a course is an investment in your future. With our lash tech community groups, mentoring opportunities, unlimited industry updates and free monthly content you will have the foundation and support to get you to the next level!

The use of Focus Groups:

Focus Groups are used to aid in the creative process of course development. To determine if the course is of great value we use a select group of select professionals to review and provide feedback. This extra step of the course creation guarantees optimal results.

"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

- Pele

The Eyelash Extension Business

Thriving and surviving in the Eyelash Business is the goal. To be successful you have to study your industry, work hard applying that knowledge and stay focused. We will help guide you grow your business and provide tools and guidance on maintaining and succeeding.

Technician Training

The industry is always changing and growing. This means, you should as well! Staying informed and knowledgeable on new advances in the industry is top priority. This educational platform is here to keep you updated , motivated and at the top with all the high performing professionals.

Certification Courses

Build A Lash Biz is excited to offer you high quality courses with in depth research and real life experience to add expertise. Invest in your future and take one of our certification classes today.

Hi, I'm Lindsy Lockett, owner of Build a Lash Biz and Lockett Lash Studio. I am licensed as an Advanced Managing Esthetician.

Eyelash Extensions have always been a passion of mine. Creating a set is like a piece of art. knowing how the eye shape and health of the lashes play into the design of the set is very important. I have years of experience as both an employee and then multiple business owner. Having gone though the unknown difficulties on both ends as a lash tech and business owner has given me the experience in order to share the knowledge.

Thank you for your interest and support and every purchase made is always reinvested into the business(s). You will succeed! Let me show you how.