About this course:

This course Includes:

  • Essential Product List
  • Product Reviews + Tips
  • Downloadable Pdf attachments
  • Monthly Order Preparation Guide
  • Inventory Tracking

You will receive a list of all essential products, equipment and tools to prepare your service room for clients. This list will include product reviews and tips on use and storage as well as links to find them for quick ordering. This saves you time by only purchasing the items that have proven success. This course if great for both the new artist and the experienced one.

As a business owner, or experienced lash tech that has already set up their service room you will benefit from the Inventory Tracking Information and Tools. It is important to stay organized. Maintaining adequate inventory is crucial! If you are out of supplies, then you can't make $$$. We will discuss the importance of tracking inventory as well as how to create monthly orders to keep you stocked and ready.

Throughout the course you will be be able to print off additional organizational tools that you can put into use throughout the year.

After taking this course, you will gain insight and start to put into play practices that will aid in your success in the future!

Example Curriculum

  First Order Preparation
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  Monthly Supply Orders and Inventory Tracking
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  Additional Course Tools
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Additional Tools:

Lash Business Basics: Inventory Management Log Book

Build a Lash Biz's Monthly Inventory and Ordering tracker is an easy to use planning tool to organize and prepare for upcoming supply expenses. It includes tracking for a full year!

There are two trackers for each month and are divided into:

  • General Product Orders = Tracking of Product Type, Price, Qty, Vendor Information, Current Stock, Expected Stock, Expected Expenses
  • Eyelash Extension Tray Orders = Tracking of Eyelash Extension Curls, Diameter, Length, Vendor Info, Price, Qty, Current Inventory, Expected Inventory, Expected Expenses.

Each Month has a quick access page that provides information on total expenses, form of payment used, and total qty ordered.

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